Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Please allow me to announce the next annual congress of the Czech Society of Angiology, which will be taking place from February 18 - 20, 2016, again at the Diplomat Hotel in Prague. This year marks the 41st Czech Angiology Days, which will follow the long tradition of previous meetings concerning vascular medicine. During this year's congress preparations, the successful jubilee congress from 2015, hosting more than 700 attendees, is still fresh in our memories. 
The year 2016 brings several anniversaries we would like to highlight regarding angiology. The most important of them being 100 years since discovery of heparin, a drug, which at the time meant a revolution in the treatment of thrombosis, and from which the modern drugs, bringing new quality of antithrombotic treatment, follow.
It is unmistakable that a general trend leading to more and more detailed specialization in medicine exists, and that new meetings on specific issues are emerging. However, the concept of Czech Angiology Days is completely different. On the contrary, they focus on the wider complexities of vascular diseases. The organizers aspire to present a comprehensive view on up-to-date knowledge in the field of arterial, venous, lymphatic and microcirculatory disorders and aim to create an environment for fruitful education, presentation of new findings and cooperation of vascular professionals. In pursuit of this aim, we count on all attendees, no matter their specialization and level of participation, be it active, interactive or simply passive. 

Dear Friends, we look forward to meeting you in Prague in February!

On behalf of the organizers

MUDr. Karel Roztočil, CSc.
President of the Congress